Come for an inspirational time in Israel!

Find your own path in Torah study
Participate in building Jewish society
Meet Israelis
Get to know the language and culture

Joining Midreshet Ein Hanatziv is a transformative experience (and a lot of fun!)

Midreshet Ein Hanatziv is proud to present two programs:


  • TCI (Torah, Community & Israel): Torah study, kibbutz life, field trips, and joint activities with students from Yeshivat Ma’ale Gilboa

  • TCI + Mahal Midrasha: Everything that TCI offers plus preparation for volunteer army service

    Midreshet Ein Hanatziv’s TCI program offers you these and much more.

    T - Torah

    Our unique program is designed so that each student can learn Torah the way she wants by choosing from a variety of subjects: Tanach, Gemara, Jewish Philosophy, Chasidut and more as part of a personal journey.

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    C - Community

    Become part of the kibbutz,  a “home away from home” with your own host family. You will also reach beyond the kibbutz, by getting to know a wide range of communities in Israel and participating in volunteer work.

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    I - Israel

    During the year we will study and also have field trips (Tiyulim) to better understand Israeli culture and society, focusing on contemporary social and cultural issues.

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    Joint Study Sessions and Activities for Students from Midreshet Ein Hanatziv and Yeshivat Ma’aleh Gilboa:

    In addition to the rich program of learning and extra activities at the Midrasha, TCI students will have joint Shabbatonim and learning days with the students from the United States at Yeshivat Maaleh Gilboa. These events will be led by senior teachers from the Yeshiva and the Midrasha: Rav David Bigman, Rav Yehuda Gilad, Rabbanit Dr. Esther Fisher, Rabbanit Rachel Keren, and Rav Dr. Yosef Slotnik.

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